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Welcome to The Family Resource Hub!

Welcome to the Family Resource Hub powered by Carolina Therapy Solutions for Kids. My name is Anna. I am taking on the role of a parent resource coordinator and advocate for the clinic. I am a special needs mama myself. I have sat (and still walk everyday) in your shoes. I get it. I want to walk along side you in your journey. Our goal is to serve our clients but also the COMMUNITY. You do not have to be a patient of CTS4K to utilize our resources, attend our support groups, or reach out for help. We are here for anyone who needs guidance or support in their family's journey of navigating the special needs world. It can be so overwhelming, and you become inundated with resources and information. I am here to break it down for you and try to make your journey as simple as possible.

The Parent Resource Hub will feature personal stories from families who love someone with special needs, resources from your community, expert advice, advice from other parents, and so much more! Please join us on this journey and feel free to reach out if there is ever any way that we can provide support. . The upcoming post will feature my son's diagnosis story and all the bumps, bonuses, and beauty we have found along the way. New blog posts will be published each Wednesday. You can also check out the events section for local events especially for our extraordinary loved ones.

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