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It's All A Little Mental!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

There has been a noticeable increase in parent's reaching out to me regarding recommendations for mental health counselors for their children. There are many reasons that finding mental health providers can be difficult and often barriers that keep people from pursuing this form of therapy.

  1. Stigma-there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and pursuing therapy to aid in strengthening one's mental health. Many parents want to protect their children's privacy and feelings by keeping these feelings or thoughts to themselves. Many parents also find mental health therapy to be synonymous with weakness or a failure in parenting. Luckily, there is a shift happening and many parents are beginning to embrace mental health therapy and pursue it for themselves and their children.

  2. Price-many mental health providers do not accept insurance or state health plans; however, even if a provider does not file insurance directly for their clients, most are more than willing to provide patients with documentation to self-file an insurance claim. Your best bet is to contact your insurance company or state health plan helpline and ask about your coverage for mental health benefits.

  3. Availability- providers can be difficult to find and especially ones who work specifically with children. It can be very frustrating to find a therapist that feels like a good fit and then come to find out that they are not accepting new clients(this happens A LOT). Always join their waitlist and always check back with them often to make sure they still know you are there and interested in their services.

Below I have created a list of several mental health providers who specialize in working with children. I either personally know these individuals or have been referred to them by someone I know and trust. I have provided a comprehensive list of information for each provider in an effort to help you find a good fit for you, and to show you what to look for in other mental health providers if your search takes you down different avenues. I have included providers in York County but there are many other wonderful providers in the surrounding areas if your search needs to continue past here. I hope this list is helpful to so many.


Name: Sarah Sudol

Practice: Sarah Sudol, LLC

Address: 1420 Ebenezer Rd, Suite 101, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Phone: 704-561-1071


Areas of Expertise: Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Life transitions, LGBTQ+ , TFCBT [Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy]

Insurance Plans Accepted: Self Pay Only

Cost Per Session:

Initial intake- $125

Individual sessions- $90

TFCBT intake- $250

TFCBT session- $150


Name: Corey Riley

Practice: Koi Counseling and Wellness

Address: 246 Rockmont Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29708

Phone: 803-820-2684


Areas of Expertise: Children & Teens, ADHD, Autism, Parenting & Career Stressors

Insurance Plans Accepted: Self Pay Only

Cost Per Session:

Intake Appointment: $120

Follow-up Appointment: $100

Superbill provided for insurance reimbursement.

*Note: All play therapy sessions are $120.


Name: Shama Winston-Ford

Practice: Barber Therapy and Associates

Address: 200 Oakland Ave., Suite A, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone: 704-301-0625


Areas of Expertise: children, play based therapy, anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, relationship challenges, self-esteem, and trauma.

Insurance Plans Accepted: NC and SC Medicaid and most insurance plans are accepted

Cost Per Session: Sliding scale: apply if you may be eligible


Name: Katie Terrell

Practice: Silver Morning Counseling

Address: 1902 Ebenezer Rd., Rock Hill, SC, 29732

Phone: 803-322-8703


Areas of Expertise: children, play based therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, grief, spirituality, and relational difficulties.

Insurance Plans Accepted: Self Pay Only

Cost Per Session: Ranges between $90 and $115 per 45 to 50 minute session


Name: Brooke Cooper

Practice: Wellbrook Counseling

Address: 1420 Ebenezer Road Suite 101, Rock Hill, SC

Phone: 803-820-2284


Areas of Expertise: Anxiety, Depression, Children, Behavioral Issues, ADHD

Insurance Plans Accepted: Self Pay Only

Cost Per Session: Individual Sessions $110


Name: Michele Mattox

Practice: No Limits Counseling

Address: PO Box 1461 Matthews, NC 28106

Phone: (910) 632-4837


Areas of Expertise: Individuals with intellectual disabilities, more specifically, clients with Down syndrome.

Insurance Plans Accepted: Self Pay Only

Cost Per Session: Initial Intake:$145 for 60 mins

Individual Counseling: $105 for 45 mins

All my love and support, Anna

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